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Random collection of texts, periodicals and all other graphic, audiovisual and radio documents related to the Officine Universelle Buly.

Reveries of a Wise Walker

The Officine does not intend to let you wander – even though wandering is good - in the cities where it has settled, without taking the time to walk through the gardens, venture outdoors... The Officine takes to heart the wellbeing of your beauty, but also the wellbeing of your day dreams, and recommends a selection of little-known gardens - or those known to the curious in the neighbourhood – enabling you to put your mind at rest the moment of a stroll.

On the Buly Express

“He who would travel happily must travel light” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “Land of Men”. The Officine Universelle Buly is making it a matter of honour to contribute to your happiness by providing two new gift sets: The Little Traveller’s Beauty Kit and The Great Traveller’s Beauty Kit. They are sophisticated yet compact cases bearing your initials, carrying beauty essentials: a miniature bathroom that assists the traveller across the world.

A Short Guide to Spring Culinary Elegance

The taste of perfume, perfuming taste: the incongruous and subtle alliance of the goodness of senses

These checked tablecloths are curious. These wicker baskets are mischievous. They readily and quickly escape from wooden cupboards: spring is back. They set off to settle on the lawns, these naughty little heralds of the floral season. Should we follow them? Absolutely.

The Dawn of Spring at the Officine

First and foremost, for the proper writing - and reading! - of this dispatch, we must put our nose outside to acclimatise to a breeze still a little too chilly, to let ourselves be tamed by the few rays of sunshine, and lastly, to have a friendly chat with the neighbourhood birds. The cheeks are already tinged with colour, the body is energised and the senses are regaining their taste. The memory of the body is working eagerly, and spring is fondly reminding us what its presence feels like.

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