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The Extraordinary Scented Candles of the Officine

Creating the perfect scented candle is a real feat. The wax, the wick, the fragrance and their container form a perfectly balanced yet fragile whole, executed thanks to know-how handed down from generation to generation to achieve excellence, with exceptional raw materials and flawless precision.

Scented Candle Alexandrie

Regular price 135,00 €
Regular price Sale price 135,00 €
Scented candle with lemon, blackcurrant, mint tea and vanilla accords.
Scented Candle Alexandrie

Scented Candle Alexandrie

Shades of white

The “Alexandrie” scented candle instantly transports you to the banks of the Nile, in a complex green blend of lemon, blackcurrant and mint tea, spiced...

135,00 €

Scented Candle Annibal

Regular price 135,00 €
Regular price Sale price 135,00 €
Scented candle with a combination of cedar, patchouli and leather accords.
Scented Candle Annibal

Scented Candle Annibal

Shades of white

This “Annibal” scented candle carries you to the peaks of the Alps with notes of cedar, patchouli, and leather weaved with a crystallised accord of...

135,00 €

Scented Candle Campagne d'Italie

Regular price 135,00 €
Regular price Sale price 135,00 €
Scented candle with bergamot, grapefruit, cedar and sandalwood.
Scented Candle Campagne d'Italie

Scented Candle Campagne d'Italie

Shades of white

The “Campagne d’Italie” scented candle diffuses deep notes of bergamot and grapefruit, crowned with cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. An elegant, bewitching blend. From the first...

135,00 €


Making a perfect scented candle is a real feat. The wax, the wick, the perfume and their container constitute a whole with a balance as perfect as it is fragile, executed thanks to know-how which is transmitted from generation to generation to achieve excellence, with exceptional raw materials and a flawless precision.

These candles will then reveal their delicate alchemy as they burn, exhaling unique scents, a particular universe.

From the first to the last flame, the Officine candle expresses its extraordinary scent with beautiful consistency. Available in twelve accords that tell twelve stories from another time, the fragrant candle designed so that the perfume is incorporated into the wax evenly, a tour de force in itself.

“The candle directed its spark of light towards the sky, like an artist who consumes himself to become divine. ”-John Steinbeck


A high-quality candle consists of two essential units.

First, the wax. The Officine candle is formulated exclusively with plant components. Without paraffin or mineral derivatives from petrochemicals, natural wax is made from rice, soya and copra. This high-quality wax has obtained all existing environmental protection certifications: it is guaranteed to be completely harmless.

The fragrance is incorporated into the wax at a very precise temperature to the nearest degree using an extremely precise process.

The vegetable quality of the waxes chosen by the Officine makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the twelve atmospheric scents, between strength and nuances throughout the combustion.

The wick, made of pure cotton, allows for regular combustion. It infuses into the wax to give it rigidity; the size of this wick is calculated based on its absorption capacity, the diameter and the size of the pot.

“Do not curse the darkness, light a candle.” -Confucius


Marble is a fundamental aspect of Buly candles. The container, cut from black or white marble, with always different veins, makes the candle unique: it becomes a sumptuous object reminiscent of the splendor of antique vases.

Since this fall, the scented candles from Officine Universelle Buly have been available in a new version in red marble called “Rosso Levanto”, with very graphic white veins. This particular color of marble was particularly prized in Italian Baroque architecture, and the master cabinetmakers of the Court of Versailles used it for the prestigious furniture of the castle...

Material with unique thermal conduction, it is always cold when touched. This metamorphic rock promotes faster cooling of the wax. The candle, thanks to this less evaporation of material, burns more slowly than in another container.

The Officine has also innovated on one element in particular: the glass bell. Signature of the Officine candles, this blown glass cover protects the candles. As elegant as it is functional, it above all retains all the intensity of the perfume, as well as preventing the deposit of dust and impurities. Simply place it on the candle to silence its scent and flame.

“I found a Rome of bricks, I left a Rome of marble. ” -Auguste


There's no point in letting that fragrant candle burn for too long.

So that the candle is consumed regularly and does not burn its perfume unnecessarily, it is wise to extinguish the scented candle once the upper layer of wax has become liquid after four hours: the perfume is then at its optimal diffusion.

The total burning time of the candle allows for an olfactory delight of 80 to 100 hours.

The ideal support for this unique object, the marble candle holder from Officine Universelle Buly serves as a protective base for the Scented Candles. Choose in a similar or contrasting color for a striking effect.

You must always ensure that a candle is completely extinguished before leaving the room where it is burning, as it is imperative to place candles out of the reach of children and animals.

And when the time comes to say goodbye, because the wax has been completely consumed by the flames, your marble pot transforms at leisure and according to inspiration, into a bouquet vase or a pencil holder. There is not a marble in your house that does not deserve a second life.

“I had a chatterbox candle last night in my room. I was very tired but I wanted someone to be with me, so I lit a candle and listened to his comfortable voice of light until I fell asleep.” -Richard Brautigan



The fragrant candle from Officine Universelle Buly comes in twelve unique accords, marvelous creations, telling the story of an entire universe in one scent.

Eight absolute classics open the ball…

The “Italian Countryside” scented candle unfolds a deep note of bergamot and grapefruit crowned with cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. A captivating and elegant accord that transports you in a volute into a bucolic Italian landscape at the twilight of the 18th century.

“Return from Egypt” captivates with deep notes of jasmine, amber, musk and rose. A journey to the foot of the pyramids dreamed of by romantic writers.

“Annibal” tells of the top of the peaks of the Alps with notes of cedar, patchouli, leather, surrounded by a crystallized accord of cumin and jasmine.

“Générals d'Empire” deploys dazzling notes of rose, surrounded by a bouquet of verbena, vetiver and violet, the glorious accord of an embalmed rose garden at dusk.

“Alexandrie” sails on the banks of the Nile in a green accord of lime, blackcurrant and mint tea, spiked with ginger and rounded with vanilla.

“Sacre” rises in deep woody notes of juniper, pine and cedar, softened with honey and crowned with incense.

“Sumi Hinoki” burns a deep note of smoked Hinoki wood and cypress, softened with juniper berries and incense, a stroll in Kyoto, in the sublime temple of a thousand statues.

“Pater Mateos” in an accord of bergamot, rosewood and incense, invites you to take a walk on a Mediterranean island in the shade of sun-kissed heather.

These perfumes were created by the Officine to delight with their scents while evoking worlds, imaginary or not, throughout History, to the ends of the earth.

“I am volatile to one rigid to the other angular like a silver icicle, or voluptuous like a gold candle flame.”-Virginia Woolf


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