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Justine Goes to the Ball

Massif central, France

Justine takes us by the hand and leads us to the Centre-West of France in 1863. More precisely, to the Aurillac ball, a vibrant dancing performance on which the curtains of our story open.
But no ball is complete without a preceding beauty ritual. After a long day on the farm, Justine walks hastily back to the house and invites us to plunge headlong into the intimacy of rural grooming in the 19th century. A number of customs are thus revealed to us: hierarchical baths, the bar of Marseille soap and, lastly, the obvious importance of face and hand care.
So, it is in the context of these generous tables, these bursts of joy and the warmth of dancing bodies, that Justine reveals the secrets of a ritual that is as precious as it is thrilling. It is then that she almost forgets the essential thing: who will fasten the last buttons on her dress?

Épisode 3

"Justine va au bal"
Massif central, France

Bonne écoute
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