Massage and Treatment room

Happiness is not only a philosophical concept, it is the result when the body's tensions are completely released. The massage of the Officine Universelle Buly is the consecration of a recognized expertise in natural and ancient beauty protocols.

Great skin is the most beautiful make-up
is the Officine Universelle Buly's cardinal motto

Designed for the face and body, each treatment has been created to restore harmony and relaxation of body and soul. With the performance of an expert massage, our treatments manage to make the adage “A healthy mind in a healthy body” a reality.

A massage in the new treatment room at Officine Universelle Buly Rive Droite is guaranteed to provide an impeccable touch, deep relaxation and a highly technical cosmetic treatment.

To each their own perfectly adapted treatment, depending on their needs, their wishes, their lifestyle or their goals in terms of well-being.

To curious bodies and minds, a grateful beauty

Massage & Treatment Room
45 rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris

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• The Energetic massage of Mr. Ao
60 minutes - 120€

At the confluence of shiatsu, it is a tonic and deep massage. This real fitness treatment, aimed at rebalancing the energies and aligning the spine, is an exclusive method of our Master Masseur. A deep and precise stimulation of the acupressure points of the whole body followed by skilful stretching, restores balance and harmony to the body. Hands, neck, shoulders, back, legs, as well as feet are massaged with content and firmness to restore the vital energy. Mr. Ao's energetic massage is ideal for relieving the discomfort that manifests itself throughout the body. The effects of repeated stress, lack of rest, travel - such as sitting or lying down, night flights or long-haul flights - can leave a trail of damage that cannot be easily removed without proper treatment.

Day-and-night computer and round-the-clock phone massage
30 minutes - 60€

Knotted shoulders? Heavy neck? Creaky vertebrae? These aren’t the first signs of flu but the dramatic consequences of either a desk that’s too high or a seat that’s too low. The computer and smartphone are objects from our daily life we use much more than is reasonable and are largely responsible for these ailments, the former encouraging poor postures while the latter unbalances the shoulders during lengthy calls. Worse, fingers are under heavy demands and can become uncomfortable or stiff. Against these unpleasant discomforts, our massaging technique concentrates on hands, forearms, the lumbar region, back, upper body and eyes in order to clear both body and mind. Help the energy circulate, reduce eye and muscle fatigue by stimulating vital points according to Shiatsu complete this restorative treatment for hyper-connected people.

Face massage with brushes
30 minutes - 60€

Well thought gestures and well-chosen rejuvenating ingredients make a dull complexion revive!. This aesthetic-therapeutic face massage with a brush is based on the Japanese Miho method, in which the precise stimulation of the energy meridians induces a beneficial and prolonged relaxation.
Revitalised in depth, the skin is reborn while the subtle choreography of the brushes induces an intense and beneficial relaxation. The application by expert hands of our beauty elixir, a combination of ionised water and natural hyaluronic acid, prepares and nourishes the skin in depth to revive it. These steps are followed by a manual lifting with a stimulating and rehydrating action. Gemstones with excellent cosmetic results is added with a plant oil adapted to your skin. Impurities are removed, the facial features are toned and relaxed, the complexion is smoothed and the radiance is restored to the deep dermis.

To curious minds and bodies, grateful beauty.