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Sacre scented refill

Sacre scented refill

The Scented Refill revives the olfactory intensity of our alabasters – cold-diffusion porous stones – and Scented Pencils. A few drops of perfume concentrate are enough to fill the atmosphere with a vibrant, deep fragrance of pine, honey, incense, and cedar notes.

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When the interior fragrance starts wearing away, it is time to revive it. The refill prolongs the olfactory pleasure with only a few drops poured on the alabaster’s porous stone, or on the ceramic surface of the Scented Pencils. Fill the atmosphere with blissful Sacre interior fragrance for a long additional spell.


The “Sacre” scent celebrates the noble, intense union of two wood species: pine and cedar. The former, absolutely green, symbolizes winter and immortality; the latter, powerful in its red coat, is reminiscent of ceremonial velvet shimmering under the warm light of a flame, enshrouded in an amber-like vetiver scent. Around them, spicy, peppery juniper berries, much valued in Ancient Rome, form a guard of honour, sweetened by the subtle gold of a regal honey. Precious incense floats up towards the archways of the cathedral. In a faraway echo, colourful petals celebrate this memorable day. The scent evokes the strange journey of one of France’s most famous paintings, painted by Jacques-Louis David. The monumental painting was commissioned by Napoleon to immortalize the “Consecration of Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of Empress Josephine in the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris on December 2, 1804.” The extensive, sumptuously luxurious ceremony, voluntarily reminiscent of the Roman Empire, was held before a crowd petrified by the freezing cold, under the redecorated vaults of the cathedral, hung with precious tapestries dotted with golden bees, and shrouded in the sacred smokes of myrrh and incense. Walking out of the cathedral, the emperor, a crown of oak and laurel leaves in diamonds and gold on the forehead, was acclaimed with the salvo of a one hundred and one gun salute.
That’s when painter David started working on the monumental painting in his workshop in the former chapel of the Collège de Cluny, near the Sorbonne, in the heart of medieval Paris. The scent of an ideal library, full of ancient manuscripts, mingled with the smell of wood: juniper, cedar, pine bearing the patina of time, incense from the church under the medieval vaults, while David was painting. It took him two years. In 1837, the painting was transferred to the walls of the Coronation room on the first floor of the Palace of Versailles on the orders of King Louis-Philippe. Coincidentally, the room, built in the 17th century, was used as a second chapel at the time of Louis XIV. There, waxed wood takes honey and gold hues, another symbolic echo of the later Empire’s ubiquitous bees. In 1889, “The Consecration of Napoleon” is hung alongside other masterpieces – some of them millennia old – in another sort of sacred building, this one a temple of the Arts: the Louvre Museum. Consecration is one step away from sanctity.

Advice for Use & Care

Simply pour carefully with a drip on the Alabaster or on the odoriferous Pencils. Do not apply to the skin. Rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact.

Ingredients & Origin

Made in France


Consigne de tri applicable à la France 


Shipping & Returns

No matter how far your parcel travels, the items it contains are protected with great care. Our shipping officers ensure that flasks, tubes, porcelain and marble arrive in a faultless state, as polished and refined as when placed on the shelves of the Officine.

The Officine Universelle Buly envisages in-store collection and delivery by courier for the city of Paris as well as delivery in France and internationally with the carrier DHL.


Delivery by courier in Paris: 1 working day
Delivery by DHL in France or Europe: 1 to 4 working days
Delivery by DHL Worldwide: 2 to 6 working days

Our team will edeavour to meet and exceed expectations and deadlines. However, Buly can not be held responsible for delays incumbent on: suspension of service of our carriers as well as customs procedures for shipments abroad.

Nota Bene: please note that our shipping costs do not include the customs fees sometimes required by some countries, which unfortunately we have no control over.

For health reasons, Officine Universelle Buly does not accept returns.


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We remain at your disposal for all demands.
To reach us, call +33 1 44 54 20 83 from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm CET (UTC+2 ; except bank holidays) or send us an email to
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Senteur de couronnement, gloria de genièvre et de miel, dans l’éclat des vitraux traversés d’un trait de soleil d’hiver. L’or des tentures éclabousse la cérémonie des colonnes et des voûtes, le silence pieux des statues d’ivoire. Dans la nef humide, embuée d’encens et de froid, le parfum d’oliban et de cèdre enjôle l’âme.

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Sacre scented refill
22,00 €
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