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Beyond the Rainbow

A spectacular phenomenon that appears in the skies when the sun shines during a downpour, the rainbow has always fascinated by its beauty, its elusiveness and above all, its mystery. Literally forming a majestic bridge of light between earth and sky, it has inspired beliefs and religions across the world.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris borrowed a rainbow to bring messages to men from the gods. In Nordic legends, the Bifröst (literally meaning “trembling path”) traces a path through the sky towards Ásgard, the kingdom of the gods. In the Kojiki, the “Records of Ancient Matters”, a collection of ancient Japanese myths written in the 8th century, it is from this “floating bridge in the sky” that the couple of gods in love, Izanaki and Izanami, observe the world. In the Hindu religion, the rainbow is symbolized by a staircase of seven colours through which Buddha descends from heaven. From the celestial path to the celestial manna there is only one step, and for the Incas, related to the Sun God, the rainbow is a sign of announced wealth, while in Irish legends it is at its foot that lies the secret treasure of the Lepreuchans, a hiding place by definition that is always moving and therefore inaccessible.


As physics progressed, the enigma of the appearance of this photometeor, an optical phenomenon appearing in the sky by reflection or diffraction of sunlight, was solved. The rainbow, a multicoloured arc of a circle, is therefore visible in the direction opposite to the Sun when it shines during a rainfall. Its position therefore depends on those of the viewer and the sun. Over the 20th century, the rainbow lost its mystery and became a more joyful symbol related to fortune and above all happiness. In the course of the struggle for human rights, the rainbow became an allegory of inclusiveness and hope, bringing together the prism of differences. In 1994, the expression “Rainbow Nation” was used by Nelson Mandela and then by Desmond Tutu to describe post-apartheid South Africa after the country’s first democratic election. In 1978, the rainbow flag was created by artist and designer Gilbert Baker, a Vietnam war veteran, as a special commission made by politician Harvey Milk for another gay icon for the San Francisco Pride Parade. The rainbow thus became a symbol of belonging to the gay and lesbian community but also of pride and joy in life, to shine in the light after centuries of invisibility and repression. As the extraordinary Dolly Parton put it so aptly, and with her usual wisdom: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Today, the Officine Universelle Buly introduces this new rainbow colour for three of its combs, great classics from the world’s largest collection of accessories: The Amiable, The Benevolent and Il Piccolo, combs that live up to their names...

“Look for the rainbow, that gracious thing, made up
of tears and light.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Available in the new rainbow colour, the three combs of the Officine are handmade in Switzerland by one of the last manufacturers in Europe. Cut from a block of very high-quality acetate, the comb is shaped, sculpted and polished. The teeth and notches are specially arranged so as not to damage the hair. A plant fibre, acetate reveals a unique pattern, specific to each comb. This luxurious object can be kept in our famous velvet case which allows it to be transported in complete safety. According to your wishes, it can be personalized with a name, first name or initials to thus become an ideal gift.

Tinged in deep rainbow colours, cellulose acetate, a luxurious and natural material, is intrinsically endowed with several properties that make it the perfect component for the combs of the Officine.


The Benevolent handle comb lives up to its name. Elegant and practical, it is perfect to pamper long, curly or thick hair. Twelve meticulous steps are necessary to craft this beautiful and highly colourful object. This everyday ally proudly displays its design with perfect curves and assertive elegance. Designed for an ideal grip, its handle allows you to tame rebellious hair, while its widely spaced teeth detangle flawlessly. The Benevolent is the guarantee of a hairstyle without the shadow of a knot.


The Amiable is an elegantly sculpted comb in high-quality acetate that delights long, supple hair. It proudly displays its neat design and bright colours. Its rounded handle allows an ideal grip while its faultless teeth facilitate styling. Once in hand, it is impossible to part with this pretty comb, as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to the touch.


Il Piccolo is a small pocket comb both comfortable and handy. Cut in quality acetate, it is proudly awarded the most beautiful rainbow colours. This comb is an ally of short hair, fringes and moustaches. It is perfect to touch up inconvenient swirls, rebellious fringes or capricious locks, anywhere, anytime. Its small size does not overshadow its merit: Il Piccolo easily slips into a bag or pocket.

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.”
Lord Byron

Il Piccolo

Regular price 16,67 €
Regular price Sale price 16,67 €
Pocket comb particularly suitable for the fine hair of new-borns and young children
Il Piccolo

Il Piccolo

Écailles de tortue

This tiny comb that can easily be slipped into a pocket, is especially suitable for children and adults whose rebellious locks, fringes or delicate moustaches...

16,67 €

The benevolent

Regular price 41,67 €
Regular price Sale price 41,67 €
Handle comb for long, thick, frizzy and curly hair
The benevolent

The benevolent


This comb whose handle is elegantly sculpted with rounded geometric angles is perfect for long, curly, frizzy and thick hair. It is impossible to live...

41,67 €

The amiable

Regular price 45,83 €
Regular price Sale price 45,83 €
Handle comb for long and supple hair
The amiable

The amiable


This comb whose handle is elegantly sculpted is perfectly suitable for long, supple hair. It is impossible to live without this beautiful comb with unique...

45,83 €


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