The Art of Gifting

True luxury is like the devil: it’s in the details.
All the services that make up the irresistible charm of our Officines are accessible from our website.

A Calligraphed Message

A love letter, a precious missive? Have your thoughts captured on paper by our Master Penman, and your personalised message joined to your order. A 5€ surcharge will be added to your order for our Master’s calligraphy service.

A Charming Telegram

A few words suffice for the most loving declarations or the merriest wishes. We take care of everything: our Master Penman uses his best quill to compose your telegraphic message before having it stamped and sent by post. 50 cents/character


An Outstanding Letter

Handwritten correspondence is a way of life: surprise your recipient with a memorable letter. The elegant calligraphy will only make your words more meaningful and thoughtful. Our calligrapher is only the quill, the inspiration is yours. We take care of everything: we stamp and post your letter for you. 50 cents/character

Embossing Service

Baume des Muses, our embellishing lip balm, can be personalised. Choose a colour for the vegan leather and the initials you want embossed.

A Personalised Gift-wrap

The happy recipient’s initials are embossed on the elegantly textured wrapping paper. The old-fashioned gilt initials are emphasised with a velvet ribbon. This service is available on the relevant product pages: Scented Candles, Alabasters, Eaux Triples, Douzaines Parfumées, as well as our collection of tubes and care products for the body and the face. Personalisation and wrapping: 10€


Play with the five proposed typefaces and find the ideal design for your initials or those of the happy recipient of your gift:


The Officinal

Our classic typography, belonging to the Française à pointes type, is inspired by the characters in fashion among 19th century perfumers.

The Buchinger

A re-creation of a 1930s Roman character honouring the essential Helvetic influence on typography.

The Truffaut

An homage and typographic re-creation inspired by a trailer designed by a sign-writer in the 1960s.

The Guitry

An homage and typographic re-creation of the titling of a 1920s movie poster.

The Armorial

A typographic re-creation from a late-19th century advertising poster.

A comb bearing the name of its owner

Initials, first name, full name or pseudonym: what we will engrave on your comb is up to you. Select from of our five typefaces the one that matches your comb best: more details in the ‘Typography’ section above. The cost of personalisation is 5€. This service is accessible on the combs’ pages.

Do not share your toothbrush!

Have your initials or first name engraved in the toothbrush’s acetate. For aesthetic purposes, we advise you not to go over 13 characters. Select from of our five typefaces the one that matches your toothbrush best: more details in the ‘Typography’ section above. The cost of personalisation is 5€. This service is accessible on the toothbrushes’ pages

The Art of Gifting

Buly Pochette

There is nothing like that personally chosen gift you proudly hold on your way out of the store. Our pochette, adorned with the Buly Blazon and signature green marbling, carries your gift in the most elegant manner. A 2 to 5€ surcharge applies. Add this option in the ‘Is this a gift?’ option on the checkout page.

The Officine’s iconic gift-wraps

Upon request, your purchases are wrapped in a printed paper reproducing an old newspaper, the Journal de l’Empire, as an homage to the creation and history of Officine Universelle Buly. Depending on their size and shape, some of the products or accessories will be slipped into an elegant, green-marbled gift pochette. Bearing the Officine’s blazon, your presents now await delivery to their recipient. Please select it in the ‘Is this a gift?’ step of your shopping cart page.