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This summer, the Officine invites you on a trip to bulyesque lands for a complete and semantic change of scenery. From reading comes curiosity and from curiosity comes fervour.


The alembic is a distilling apparatus historically invented for the production of floral waters and essential oils. It consistedessentially of 4 parts(the cucurbit, the head, the tube and the recipient) to heat and then cool the material and separate the distillate. Today, the Officine celebrates and presents each of its perfumes in its boutiques with an alembic designed to reveal all the subtlety of their trail.

Brèche de Bénou

There is marble and there is marble. Intimately called “brèche de benou” and originating from the Pyrenees, this one has no equal. It can be admired with ecstasy in our boutique at 6 rue Bonaparte, at the Paris Opera and in 18th century French palaces.


Extract obtained from a raw material of natural origin – often a flower or leaf – by extraction using a solvent. It comes in its most common form: a paste. This is how the Pommade Concrète came to life, and the shea butter, beeswax and sesame oil it is composed of make it concretely essential.


Official correspondence concerning the current affairs of the Officine Universelle Buly. Thanks to these dispatches, we keep our loyal readers and dear team members informed with the latest news. If you receive this dispatch, you are indeed one of us. 



The art of decorating paper or an objectusing hot stamping to mark a raised symbol, coat of arms or initials on its surface. Using a machine and precision gestures, our lip balm is adorned with your most beautiful initials, thus allowing you to claim ownership or turn it into an ideal gift.

Face cupping

Usually made of glass or rubber, this small bell is applied to the skin to induce suction. The Officine’s version ensures a well-ordered cosmetic ritual and provides an unexpected massage while stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This accessory helps tonify the face overall.


Concentrated spring water crystals rich in trace elements and minerals. Yunohana powder is a Japanese bathing method that naturally relaxes and drains the body, while relieving tension. A handful of powder in the bath enables you to recreate a hot spring in your home, like a real onsen. 



Characteristic of something that demonstrates superior quality. The Officine UniverselleBuly attributes this greatly deserved quality to two of its skincare products. Firstly, its dermatological bar, the Savon Superfin, and its floral water, the Eau Superfine. There is not a single skin type that would not approve of this honourable distinction.


Characteristic of what extends to the totality of beings (animate) and things (inanimate). The Officine donates its ancestral knowledge of the universal virtues of nature.

Its year of birth does not make it a child with disconcerting digital facilities, and yet the Officine Universelle Buly is also an online officine, delivering beauty products to the whole world. Never underestimate the power of universality. 


21st century

Reasonably situated between the 18thand 20th centuries, the 19thcentury welcomed the industrial revolution... and the health revolution with panache. The merits of grooming and taking baths were extolled, vinegars, ointments and colognes became widespread, and perfume finally left its hygienic dimension to enter its hedonistic era. This was, of course, the century during which the Officine UniverselleBuly was founded. 1803, a date to be marked with a precious stone.

Good heavens!

Interjection expressing annoyance. Example: “Good heavens, it is already the end of this dispatch”.We could have said “O dear” but the O was already taken.

The Officine wishes you the most pleasant of days and the mildest of summers. We will be in touch very soon, The Officine Universelle Buly in Paris and across the world 


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