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The Great Lessons of the Officine Universelle Buly : First Lesson 

First Lesson

  Precision of language in the service of beauty   

The virtuous trinity: plant oils, macerates and butters Since the dawn of time - ever since the Earth was Earth and Nature was its mother - Man has explored the farthest confines of the world, getting lost in each of its corners and learning from the rhythm of the seasons. This is the beginning of an infinite journey, guided by patience and curiosity, to collect beauty secrets and rituals from all over the world, which, thanks to their effectiveness, stand the test of time and never become obsolete.

“Nature is capable of doing everything.”   

Michel de Montaigne  


Taking care of oneself is naturally a source of joy and personal satisfaction. It is an art - as pleasant to master as it is to share - that requires very few resources but achieves great feats. From this simplicity comes the most beneficial of rewards... Natural Beauty. 


The Officine Universelle Buly teaches you some well-chosen lexicons so that your cherished bathroom companions no longer hold any secrets. 

The proper word for the right ingredient. 

Here is a language lesson to help you start your beauty routine with an enlightened mind: 


Extracted directly from the stone, seeds, pips or pulp by cold pressing, plant oils are imbued with virtues and are the answer to all problems faced by an upset skin, breathless hair or a silhouette in search of firmness. They are self-sufficient and would not tolerate any company. Their composition is pure and contains no other ingredients. Plant oils are inherently nourishing and extraordinarily well tolerated by the skin. They honour beauty with their generosity, simplicity and richness in vitamins and fatty acids.  

The precious raw ingredients are most often harvested one by one by hand, and require a great deal of contortion when picked. They are generally pressed (sweet almonds) or crushed (apricots) to extract their many virtues. 

The Officine disposes of 36 plant oils, including the famous:   

  • Apricot kernel oil to combat dull complexion and welcome the sunny days with radiance.  
  • Broccoli seed oil to tame manes and restore vigour to the hair.  
  • Argan kernel oil for a moisturised body from head to toe.  
  • Gascony plum oil to sooth the mind with its delicate fragrance.  


To move from theory to practice, here is a recipe from “An Atlas of Natural Beauty”:  

 Apricot and Rose purifying and stimulating mask 

For those difficult mornings when skin is dull and sensitive, this weekly care is salvific! 

Enhanced with a teaspoon of apricot kernel oil and two teaspoons of rose water, two generous tablespoons of red clay will make a mask that has a balancing, purifying and reviving effect on dull skin and uneven complexion. Apply a thick layer of this mask and leave it on for five to seven minutes. Carefully rinse with warm water and gently pat dry with a soft cloth.  You’re radiant! 



Les macérats de plantes sont obtenus par macération de fleurs, feuilles et autres racines dans une huile végétale bénéfique, généralement de jojoba ou de tournesol. C’est la plus ancienne recette de beauté au monde. Dépoussiérons les fioles, les blouses blanches et les leçons de chimie au service de la beauté : cette manipulation a pour but d’extraire les principes actifs et propriétés des plantes qui ne supportent pas d’être préssées, pour n’en garder que leurs vertus et bienfaits. 

L’Officine compte 11 macérats dont les célèbres : 

  • Macérat de jasmin pour apaiser les peaux contrariées au quotidien. 
  • Macérat de romarin pour favoriser la pousse et afficher une chevelure luxuriante. 
  • Macérat de lierre grimpant pour atténuer l’inconfortable effet peau d’orange. 

To move from theory to practice, here is a recipe from “An Atlas of Natural Beauty”:  


Toning treatment for the face, neck and neckline area  An irresistible treatment to firm up your contours and curves, from forehead to cleavage, as your thoughts drift back to spring.  In a pipette-equipped pharmaceutical vial, mix thirty millilitres of daisy macerate, ten millilitres of rose hip seed oil, and ten millilitres of prickly pear oil. Use this serum nightly, at bedtime, on gently yet meticulously cleansed skin.   


Butters are the maestros of moisturising. They repair the skin, nourish the hair and adapt to every character. In a liquid state in their countries of origin, where temperatures are high, they solidify when they arrive in Europe, thus becoming everyday beauty care products that are as practical as they are essential. They serve as universal balms to keep close at all times. 


 The Officine presents the most famous of butters:  


Shea butter   Origin: Benin  


A powerful and universal moisturiser, shea butter has been used for thousands of years for both skin and hair care. Its rich composition provides long-lasting moisture, soothes irritation, nourishes rough hair and softens the first signs of ageing. It is an essential ingredient to perfect your beauty. 

To move from theory to practice, here is a recipe from “An Atlas of Natural Beauty”:

Intensely rich body balm Is your skin lifeless? The time has come for some major manoeuvres! Take the time every day to massage your entire body with this regenerating balm, until your skin is no longer thirsty.  

Prepare and sterilise a flat jar with a screw lid. Melt a tablespoon of shea butter and a tablespoon of beeswax in a ceramic bowl over a bain-marie. Add one tablespoon of rosehip oil and two tablespoons of hemp oil. Leave to cool, then add three drops of jasmine essential oil and three drops of lemon essential oil. 

The Buly University, at your service for your quest on knowledge and beauty


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