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It is indisputably the oldest and purest chewing gum in the world. These antibacterial resin teardrops freshen the foulest breath, protect the throat and whiten the teeth, without aspartame or chemicals of any sort. They come from the Pistacia lentiscus on the island of Chios, in Greece. The gum has been used since Antiquity, starting with the Greeks and the Romans.

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Amongst all the Greek islands, Chios is the only one where these trees flourish. The rare species of Pistacia hides a resin whose tears are harvested for their purifying properties. The gums enhance dental hygiene, strengthens the gums and prevents the onset of dental plaque.

The harvest is made between July and October in keeping with millennia-old tradition and the process has remained unchanged for centuries. A small incision is made in the bark of the tree, letting the resin exude in droplets left to dry in the open air for two weeks, allowing them to harden. Traditional Mastiha – growing was registered in 2014 on Unesco’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Its many benefits include an antibacterial action combined with protection against dryness of the mouth – Used regularly, it prevents the unpleasant sensation of a cottony mouth.

Advice for Use & Care

One simple, yet highly beneficial commandment: after your meal, chew a gum instead of surrendering to the song of the caffeine sirens. If you nonetheless prefer to have a coffee, chew a gum afterwards to sanitize your mouth. Add an extra precaution to your oral hygiene and use Officine Universelle Buly’s mint-flavoured dental floss.

The gumdrops come in many different sizes and shapes. Take three or four drops of Chios gum. Breathe in their balsamic scent, put them in your mouth. You’ll notice their slight bitterness at first, then, as you chew, their herbaceous, resinous taste comes to the fore more strongly. The texture is pleasantly dense and provides a healthy chewing exercise for the jaws. Chew for a maximum of twenty minutes.

Not suitable for young children or fragile teeth.


100% ingredients of natural origin

Ingredients & Origin


Shipping & Returns

No matter how far your parcel travels, the items it contains are protected with great care. Our shipping officers ensure that flasks, tubes, porcelain and marble arrive in a faultless state, as polished and refined as when placed on the shelves of the Officine.

The Officine Universelle Buly envisages in-store collection and delivery by courier for the city of Paris as well as delivery in France and internationally with the carrier DHL.


Delivery by courier in Paris: 1 working day
Delivery by DHL in France or Europe: 1 to 4 working days
Delivery by DHL Worldwide: 2 to 6 working days

Our team will edeavour to meet and exceed expectations and deadlines. However, Buly can not be held responsible for delays incumbent on: suspension of service of our carriers as well as customs procedures for shipments abroad.

Nota Bene: please note that our shipping costs do not include the customs fees sometimes required by some countries, which unfortunately we have no control over.

For health reasons, Officine Universelle Buly does not accept returns.


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“His delicate mouth showed prudence, but not avarice. The vivacity of his eye showed the purity of his life. Integrity, a sense of duty, and true modesty made, as it were, a halo round his head, bringing his face into the relief of a sound and healthful existence.”
Honoré de Balzac, César Birotteau

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