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This dispatch is aimed above all at the hairy and dishevelled individuals, but bald and hairless ones are also most welcome.

As a prelude to winter, the Officine starts its rentrée littéraire – literary season – with a Bulybrary-style introduction, an ode to the epistolary art but in opposition to rebellious hair locks. Our headlines today feature our accessories, which you can engrave with your favourite name, to pass on your beauty routine as a legacy, and keep up with the times when it comes to styling. Without getting in knots.

These little pieces of work are not about fiction, but about friction. You will not find Balzac or Racine here, although they do have hair on their chins, but a return to the roots of the discipline of sophistication. An anthology of common sense and elegance, this directory of articles is for the great thinkers, those who carry poetry under their skin, those who have an innate aesthetic taste and a fair amount of nerve. This is all evidence that you can have a good laugh while shaking your head. 


Since the Officine has often more than one idea in mind, our collection of hair and beard brushes is also engraved with small characters. The embodiment in hair and beard brushes of a new register of an autobiographical genre of self-care. 


Our Bulybrary finds are therefore more than just vanity accessories – they have the added value of being made of wood, to be marked with the name of your choice. Objects of desire for the forgetful and the aesthetes who wish to write their memoirs, or alternatively, make reminders to never forget the first names of their loved ones. Or an unusual way to start your annals – imagine the emotion of your great-grandchildren when they receive a travel brush bearing your name as part of their inheritance. 


It is therefore up to you to find your own signature hairstyle. 

Our expert advice for your first signing session. Depending on the size and the object, concentrate and think about a first name or initials that will be engraved and gilded by us, on the handle or on the back of the accessory. 



For inspiration, we are colluding with these illustrious men and women of literature, who will encourage you to rise through the ranks of hair setting to make a good impression. 


A few signature hairstyles that will live on in history: 

Colette au Fauteuil, René Carrère

For a moustache à la Friedrich Nietzsche: 

The officer beard brush: nothing could be easier to use if you are idle. Simply brush in the direction of the hair, twice a day, with a few drops of yarrow oil as a daily care or after-shave.


For a three-day beard (or a 1000-night one) more beautiful than that of Tolstoy:

Beard brush with handle: made of wild boar bristle, it stimulates hair growth and brushes away any excess, while preserving the wild look of your beard.


To admire yourself up close like Oscar Wilde and his Dorian Gray:

The magnifying glass hand mirror: a small, pocket-sized rear-view mirror that will illuminate your thoughts while you are transported in your emotional states. Our tip: it is great for making faces when you are on your own and ready for a good laugh. Spread a couple of drops of dry hazelnut oil over your face to give any annoying blemishes a run for their money.


For children as good as gold and smooth hair like Roald Dahl’s Matilda:

Adopt the baby brush that pampers the angel hair of babies and schoolchildren, so soft it makes them look like choirboys even after hours of hair-raising slides. At lullaby time, treat your baby to a tender head massage with calendula oil – Olympian calm guaranteed.


For coiled-plait buns à la Comtesse de Ségur:

The brush with silver spikes is ideal for giving your scalp a peaceful massage, and to come out ahead with majestic banana buns. It clears the mind and untangles the most delicate situations. It makes sure no hair is set on fire! 



To cultivate your hair garden, like Voltaire:

The brush rake, a strange bird not so familiar to beauty cases: this object of curiosity can be used to remove the last vestiges of hair from your fallow brushes, for an immediate spring cleaning. 




Loop closed! You are now legitimate, choose a real or false surname, sign your eponymous talisman, and start your diary. 


Also available from the same publisher:  


Memoirs of a Neatly Combed Daughter, de Simone de Beauvoir  


The Flowers of Evil, by Baudel’hair  


Blue Beard, by Charles Perrault 


Carrot Head, by Jules Renard 


The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery 



  • Hair  Galt MacDermot, Tom Pierson  French version: Julien Clerc, Hervé Wattine, La Tribu Hair    
  • The Most Immaculate Haircut  Metronomy    
  • Caresses Mes Cheveux  Dolores, The Vrooming Crew    
  • Almost Cut My Hair  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young    
  • Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair  Nina Simone  Listen also to the version by Ms. Lauryn Hill     
  • Les Cheveux Dans Le Vent  Brigitte Bardot    
  • Sister Golden Hair  America    
  • Don’t Touch My Hair  Solange, Sampha    
  • Hair  Devonté Hynes  


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“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”


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