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Floralia, the May-Queen

In honour of the fairest of flowers, your mother, and because ever since you drew your first breath, you have been as close to her as hand in glove, present her with this bouquet and make her a day that breathes the nectar of flowers that we provide. Make a perfect floral arrangement of all her favourite treats: more refined than a pirate tattoo, classier than a macaroni necklace.

You see, the virtues of flowers...

are a wonderful remedy to help you feel comfortable in your own skin; no need of a flowerpot or secateurs to pluck the best of them and to weave them into a crown to wear in your hair…

Let us bring our darling mothers to stop and smell the roses, and let us learn the lessons of the seed, the shoot, the blossom and the fruit, that fruitful metamorphosis that brings us to full bloom. Let us tell them to "gather ye rosebuds while ye may"; let us speak to them in the language of flowers, as Ophelia did: "there’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts…"

Especially for mothers everywhere, l’Officine has taken the pick of the bunch, and offered up their secrets, in all their forms and all their splendour, to adorn their peerless eyes and silky hair. 

In every mother’s life..;

the roses have their thorns, but Officine Universelle Buly prefers to pique nothing but your curiosity: here are petals to strew in their paths, and vials of flowers they’ll never have to water. Rather, you can pour them out! Our extracts will infuse them with a delicate charm to put an instant Faery-Philtre over everything!

 A flower, just like a mother, does not have just one single power, but rather a multitude of them, and while both are treasured for their many virtues, the flower can give particular inspiration in the way that it adorns the mother and sets off her beauty. Anemones or water lilies, flowers have their own wisdom as well as their decorative value, their own enchanting aura, as well as their symbolic qualities, speaking a language we would do well to learn.

So much more than just the muse of amateur nature painters, or the trophies of the romantic; flowers have always carried with them a poetic power that speaks of freedom, a wonder that goes far beyond the cosmetic. It was the Summer of Love that brought us the expression "Flower Power", when pacifist demonstrations by bohemian hippies and long-haired dreamers, from San Francisco and across the globe, made the wearing of flowers in the hair, or confronting the forces of repression with the flowers of non-violence, a gesture and a symbol that endures: placing a carnation in the barrel of a gun.

The flower thus speaks louder than a bullhorn, explodes in Spring with more force than a hand grenade; leads the Revolutions of the Heart. So, whether they’re your sister, your friend, your mother-in-law or your barista, all the mothers in your life deserve a little floral tribute!

After all the blood, sweat, and tears they expend on bring us up and taking care of us, surely they deserve a little floral oil to soothe their spirits.

Our new 30 ml mini-vials will charm them, but in any case they will be intoxicated by the sweet liqueur of your tenderness.


 For the yoga cramps of Mama Bianca


For the sunburns of Mama Lola


For the red cheeks of Mama Tilly 


For the spots of Mama Stella


For make-up removal for Mama Lottie 


For the lovely wrinkles of Mama Posey


For the décolleté of Mama Maisy

Another option for...

Another option for giving mothers the scent of freedom, no matter what their age: a blooming of liberty and rebellion: gaining the run of a meadow of wild flowers, with their heady scents : 

The floral perfume of Eau Triple Mexican Tuberose,  
for the perfect chic of Mama Monique.

The powdered scent of Peruvian Heliotrope 
for the road trip in Andalusia with Mama Lucia.

The facial lotion  Eau Superfine
to embellish the beauty routine of Mama Augustine.

Finally, don't forget to remind her that neither the fairest of flowers nor the rarest of perfumes will ever be as sweet and comforting as the natural scent of a mother.

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