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Alabaster Retour d'Egypte

By far the most elegant and delicate way to perfume a room, the alabaster is made of three elements: a porcelain box, a stone and a perfume essence bottle. The “Retour d’Égypte” alabaster fills the chosen space – antechamber, boudoir, bathroom, dressing room, car and other glove compartments – with an intoxicating blend of jasmine, ambert, musk, and rose.

Portrait - Mademoiselle Mars
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“Retour d’Égypte” intertwines two worlds from the 19th century, one a fantasy, the other quite real: Ancient Egypt of the pharaohs as the Romantics dreamt of it, in its sumptuous amber, vanilla and musk sillage, and bucolic France, lying on a bed of hawthorn, jasmine, fruity rose and bergamot, picked from the hedge.

With its floral and amber-like accords, the scent is a homage to a style much in vogue at the beginning of the 19th century, and that reached its apogee while perfumer Claude Bully created his apothecary shop and his famous vinaigre de toilette. Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign from 1798 to 1801 inspired a plethora of designs and patterns in French decorative arts: sphinxes, winged lions, lotuses, palmettes and scarabs decorate furniture in precious wood, Sèvres wares, majestic façades, even street names like rue du Nil, rue de Damielle, rue d’Aboukir or Passage du Caire. In October 1836, the obelisk from the Temple of Luxor, a spectacular gift from the Viceroy of Egypt, was erected with great fanfare in front of more than 200,000 delighted people, on the Place de la Concorde.

While breathing “Retour d’Égypte”, where mesmerizing amber, wood and musk wrap around jasmine, rose and hawthorn in a golden halo, one instantly understands the words of Jean-François Champollion, the Egyptologist who at the time was the first to decipher hieroglyphics: “I belong to Egypt; it is everything to me:

The gardens of Belus intone: – The days
Pour out the perfumes, loves, sun’s rays;
Everlasting Spring, we are, we alone; our bower
The sweet unfurling rose of joy, in flower.""

“The Pyramids,” Victor Hugo
From the collection of poemsThe Legend of the Ages

The Officine's prowess

The Alabaster is a new heatless, smokeless way to diffuse a fragrance, with a considerable perfuming power. Its name comes from the Greek vases used to draw and hold scented oils for body care rituals or the first perfumes, and whose porous pottery retained the exquisite scent.

The Alabaster is a painted porcelain box – there’s a choice of three portraits – containing a simply cut piece of an extremely porous sedimentary stone, and comes with a 5 ml perfume concentrate bottle. The pumice stone and its myriad vesicles is extremely absorbant and therefore the perfect mineral to diffuse the scent.

Open or close the box of the Alabaster at will to free the fascinating Buly fragrance or to seal it back in.

Advice for Use & Care

Pour 1/3 of the perfume essence on the stone.

The scented blend diffuses naturally while the elegant blue and white porcelain box is open. The Alabaster is perfect to perfume wardrobes, drawers, bathrooms, cars, small and medium-sized rooms efficiently and durably. 

NB. Pour the perfume essence with care. In case of contact with hands, wash them and rinse them thoroughly. Do not ingest and keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from heat or spark sources. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.


Consigne de tri applicable à la France 


Shipping & Returns

No matter how far your parcel travels, the items it contains are protected with great care. Our shipping officers ensure that flasks, tubes, porcelain and marble arrive in a faultless state, as polished and refined as when placed on the shelves of the Officine.

The Officine Universelle Buly envisages in-store collection and delivery by courier for the city of Paris as well as delivery in France and internationally with the carrier DHL.


Delivery by courier in Paris: 1 working day
Delivery by DHL in France or Europe: 1 to 4 working days
Delivery by DHL Worldwide: 2 to 6 working days

Our team will edeavour to meet and exceed expectations and deadlines. However, Buly can not be held responsible for delays incumbent on: suspension of service of our carriers as well as customs procedures for shipments abroad.

Nota Bene: please note that our shipping costs do not include the customs fees sometimes required by some countries, which unfortunately we have no control over.

For health reasons, Officine Universelle Buly does not accept returns.


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The sacred scent of ruins, of deserts peppered with tombs and columns buried under the eternal glare of the sun. In the alabaster vases and spun-glass vials, the petrified fragrance of amber and benzoin, of flowers and fossil woods, of ancient magic.

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