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Random collection of texts, periodicals and all other graphic, audiovisual and radio documents related to the Officine Universelle Buly.


Driven by a passion for journeys to perfumed lands, the Officine is delighted to announce the addition of four scents - from a bygone collection - to its permanent collection. The Officine is thus perpetuating a studious but enthusiastic venture: imagining a true library of scents with universal character. 

Beyond the visual shock, the first thing that strikes the traveller who arrives in a faraway land is the intricate and fascinating scent that floats through the air, that scent of unknown spices or bougainvillea flowers, damp earth, tree and plant sap or heady incense, mystical fumes or the aromas of dishes ready to be discovered...


Both once ours and yet offered to all, the face is not content to be the sum of perceived - and imposed - elements: a forehead, a nose, a mouth, an eye, two... It is “this exceptional presentation of self by self” (Emmanuel Levinas, Totality and Infinity). The face thus manifests itself fully and voluntarily to others, which is why the Officine Universelle Buly dwells on it at length. This particular attention to reality gives rise to care for the figurative, because the face is the source of emotions. Witness to its own story, actor of its present moment, the face has the gift of telling the feeling of the being and the abyss of the appearance... it is indeed the true mirror of the soul.

Floralia, the May-Queen

In honour of the fairest of flowers, your mother, and because ever since you drew your first breath, you have been as close to her as hand in glove, present her with this bouquet and make her a day that breathes the nectar of flowers that we provide. Make a perfect floral arrangement of all her favourite treats: more refined than a pirate tattoo, classier than a macaroni necklace.

From Vegetable Gardens to Orchards: An Absolute of Gardens

“The garden is the smallest parcel of the world, and the, it is the totality of the world” wrote Michel Foucault in 1967 in “Espace Autres” (Of Other Spaces) …

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